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Heft Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of Vintage Edison lighting, solid wood teak products, and home décor.

Heft Inc. began in 1994, when it started manufacturing Heft branded heat exchangers for industrial application. Today its products can be seen operating worldwide in all 7 continents.

Soon thereafter, Heft stepped into the retail furniture industry and for next 10 years, careful attention was paid to the styles and trends of home décor.

In 2016, Ashley Homestore opened in Prescott, Ontario. This 55,000 sq ft. building incorporates a 24000 sq ft. Ashley’s showroom is also used as a distribution warehouse for all other Heft products.

Products include large varieties of LED Edison lamps, fixtures, string lights, bistro tables & chairs, custom laser cut home décor products and many more.

Our Sri Lankan and Indian factories are set up to produce solid wood and metal home décor accent pieces, hand made carvings, root tables etc.

Since its team is directly involved with end users, Heft Inc. can learn from its customers, which allows for many opportunities to bring in new and exclusive products on a regular basis.

This is the first trade only showroom of its kind. Come in and experience all that it has to offer.